Leaving Long Beach in March '03 and arriving in La Paz in June '03
Leaving Long Beach in March ’03 and arriving in La Paz in June ’03
March ’03 to June ’03. I know…. it was a fast trip. But we had friends to meet in a little town south of  Puerto Vallarta and flew down the coast of Mexico. It was wonderful to leave the cold California winter behind and find the warm tropical breezes of Mexico.


Two years in the Sea of Cortez and lots of landfallsTwo years in the Sea of Cortez and many landfalls. Summers in Bahia de Los Angeles and winters in Puerto Escondido. And a trip to San Carlos to get Suka painted from top to bottom. We love the Sea and hope to get back there some day.


Down the coast of Mexico... getting in position for the "Puddle Jump" Come Dec ’04, after a Christmas stay in La Paz, it is off to Zihuat to get ready for the 2800 mile jump to the South Pacific and beyond.


Here is our general route across the Pacific from French Polynesia to the Philppines. For more detailed maps of each country visited see the maps below. (click on image to enlarge)


After a 21 day sail leaving Zihuatanejo, Mexico, with the NE tradewind off our starboard aft we arrived at the NE island of Nuka Hiva, French Polynesia. From there we sailed down to the island of Fakarava in the Tuamotu chain, then on down to Tahiti. From Tahiti we headed back northwest up to Bora Bora to finish our 3 month stay in French Polynesia. Our next stop…  Suwarro, Cook Islands. (click on image to enlarge)



The little atoll of Suwarro, Cook Islands is a very popular stop for cruisers between French Polynesia and Samoa. 400 miles from and 400 miles to. (click on image to enlarge)



From Suwarro, Cook Islands it was that 400 mile hop to American Samoa… Pago Pago. Good place to supply. Then off to Tonga. (click on image to enlarge)



Our stay in Tonga was short. A quick stop at Neiafu in the Vava’U group and then up to Niuatoputapu in the Tongatapu group. From here we headed directly north to more of the Cook Islands, Wallis & Fortuna.  (click on image to enlarge)



Rarotonga on Wallis island was our stop here. Next, Tuvalu. (click on image to enlarge)



Tuvalu…. into the port of Fongafale on the atoll of Funafuti. From here we leave the southern hemisphere, cross the equator and head for Kiribati. (click on image to enlarge)



We stealthy pulled into Onotoa Island in Kiribati. Technically cruisers must check into the Port of Entry of a country before you can visit other islands. But the Port of Entry, Tarawa, was WAY north and we knew we would not head back south again. We did eventually check in at Tarawa and also stopped at the northern island of Butaritari on our way north to the Marshall Islands. (click on image to enlarge)



We arrived in the Marshall Islands November of 2005. The island of Majuro became our home for the next four years and we didn’t shake lose of Majuro until 2009 when we finally headed west again for the islands of Micronesia, starting with Kosrae. (click on image to enlarge)



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