It took some time to convince Doug that all sea-faring vessels should have a boat cat (gotta keep the rats in check), but once I did he fell in love with our kits just as much as I have.

Miel-39 (Small)
Miel Oso

Miel Oso, (Spanish for Honey Bear) has been with us since 2004 when we rescued him in a dusty little Mexican town and brought him aboard. He lives for the occasional dinghy ride and flying fish.


Banger-40 (Small)
and Banger…

Banger, our Marshallese kit, actually picked me. As a 4 week old ball of fur he entrenched himself in my lap and refused to be removed.  I guess he had heard how good it was living on a boat with no dogs, no fleas and no cars to contend with. Banger pays his way as our cockroach killer. He can sniff them out of any little boat crevice and gets hours of pleasure tormenting them before they expire. I should feel sorry for them… but whoever heard of feeling sorry for a cockroach.



kitties-1 (Small)
Miel… barely putting up with the new kid on the boat, Banger.
kitties-20 (Small)
Banger gets a lesson on who’s BOSS on this ship!


banger-8 (Small)
Banger discovered the head (bathroom) sink. Look at those ears!
banger-12 (Small)
Well, he’s definately grown. But still loves that sink. And … look at those ears!



miel-4 (Small)
I could probably sell this one to “Cruising Cats’… if they had such a magazine.


kitties-36 (Small)
Miel keeping a sympathetic eye on Banger. It’s Banger’s first trip off the mooring.


miel-33 (Small)
Miel’s an old hand at this boat stuff. He’s been aboard 6 years now.


banger-31 (Small)
I think Banger has finally learned how to relax, too.




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