Under the water in Pohnpei

It seemed like it was all work, work, work and that we would never get out to expore the underwater world. The water where we are anchored is muddy brown from rain runoff and not very inviting. We finally took the dingy out towards the reef entrance and did some snorkling.  I found a few familiar creatures and a few new ones.


A new type of starfish I have not seen before. Puffy and pink!

Also new to me is this black coral.

This sea cucumber is sorta like one in the Marshalls. Just shorter and different color.

This is the sea cucumber's front end. All sorts of black tenticle like things.

Sea anemones here are the same as in the Marshalls.

I've seen red coral like this in the Marshall, but not purple.

These starfish are in the Marshalls also. Here they are so much more abundent.

A pretty yellow hard coral.

Hopefully, when Doug gets the boom done, we can actually go out to the the lagoon and do a dive. I can’t wait to see what else new I can find. Stay tuned!

One comment

  1. All these photo’s are pretty cool
    It’s awesome that you and Doug can experience all that you do!
    Have lot’s of fun.
    Love Sharon

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