UW Photos – Palau 2

Manta Ray

I guess I have to start you all off with the best! We visited German Channel and the Manta Cleaning Station and guess what!!??  we found mantas. They are just beautiful and very friendly. They swoop in gentle circles over your head as if they know what posing is all about. A very magical visitation!

A black and neon blue flatworm

We’re going from the largest to the smallest. This flatworm is probably only about an inch long.

Some kind of shellfish... very colorful!

This is some kind of shellfish… oyster, scallop or something like that.

Spadefish, or also known as Batfish

We watched these two chase each other for ages. Female and male I would guess.

Anemone fish and Anemone

These are all over.. and so beautiful.

Some type of Puffer fish.

This guy was a poser also. They remind me of little puppies.

A black and yellow Feather Starfish.

These are also all over the place … and in many different colors.

A fish school.

It is always fun to try to get in the middle of a fish school… well, except when sharks are around.

A close-up of some fan coral.

Fan coral is usally a stand alone creature. This is an unusual, at least to me, bunch of fan coral.

Yellow lipped shellfish

This shellfish is new to me. I have never seen one with only yellow and white lips. I LOVE new discoveries!

A very long Sea Cucumber

This guy is a bit creepy… If you touch him he contracts. I have seen these from Mexico to here so they are very common.

White something on red coral.

This little guy is on  my “mystery” list. He might be a small cousin to the big guy above him. A Sea Cucumber on red coral.

Sea Anemone

Another pic of a Sea Anemone. They are almost surreal looking.


We see turtles almost every dive. They are very diver friendly!

The squiggily thing on the branch is a Brittle Star.

This is a type of coral with a Brittle Star clinging to it.

Leather Coral

Found out the other day that this Leather Coral will retrack all the soft looking stuff on its surface if you touch it.

Blue Christmas Tree Feather Tube Worm

These Feather Tube Worms are very tiny, like an inch high and come in all sorts of colors. But, they are very shy and pop down into their tube at if you are not very still near them.


The Octopus here are also very diver friendly.

Feather Starfish

Couldn’t resist this pic. These guys are all over and are fun to watch swim. Maybe I’ll film one swimming next outing and post it!

Blue faced tropical fish

The blue pattern on this fish’s face fascinated (say that three times fast!) me.


Haven’t a clue what is all on this …. it just remined me of some kind of underwater Christmas ornament!

White tipped shark

And we have to include the sharks!

Sea Anemone

Can’t stop taking pics of these creatures!

Manta Ray

Another pic of those beautiful Manta Rays.


Our latest nudibranch discovery.

Our water taxis….

And on that note…. until next time!


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