Goodbye Miel.. Hello Dingus..

One of the sad facts about traveling in third world countries is that services that are taken for granted in more developed countries can be sadly lacking in places like Palau. Our boat kitty Miel Oso (Spanish for Honey Bear) sadly was lost to us because of the lack of adequate veterinary services on this, otherwise, fabulous island. After 7 years of traveling with us from Mexico, across the Pacific, to Palau, he passed away. We will miss him so much. He was our big Garfield and one big (15 lbs!) lovable armful of kitty.


So, the following is a tribute to our seafaring Miel… we miss him terribly.


Just a wee kit..  how he loved playing in that Coke box!




Growing into a handsome salt….

Sierra Exif JPEG

And of course his favorite past time… helping Dad clean fish.



Sierra Exif JPEG

He definitely has his sea legs…


Like his dad… he can sleep anywhere.




“Where’s mine!!??”




Miel and his Marshallese bro, Banger.



Well, we just couldn’t leave Palau without a new bud for our Marshallese kit Banger. So off to the local cat lady, Clara, and a visit to her cat cage to see if we could find Banger a new playmate. Clara is a wonderful American who moved to Palau and started collecting strays. She feeds them, houses them, gets them to the vet and works at finding them good homes. A really great lady. This is where we found Dingus.

It seems my fate is to be picked by my pets, as opposed to picking them. We brought our cat carrier with us and immediately set it down in the center of the cat house while we played with all the kittens looking to find that perfect boat cat. Well, Dingus found that cat carrier just irresistible. In he goes, out he goes, in he goes, out he goes. He was absolutely telling us he wanted to come be our new boat cat.  So, WELCOME, Dingus.

Dingus-6 (Small)


Dingus-1 (Small)

Dingus immediately became proficient in navigation…

Dingus-10 (Small)

And immediately got his sea legs….

B&D-8 (Small)

And immediately became good buds with Banger

B&D-4 (Small)

And they both became one of my favorite photo subjects.


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