Palau, which is made up of the Rock Islands, is really hard to photograph well enough to convey the beauty of all the tiny islands scattered inside the fringing reef. The best way to really see it is by helicopter. Sorry I can’t accommodate you with some pics taken from the sky, the helicopter ride is just a bit out of our price range!

Palau-129 (Small)

When we arrived in Palau we were really fortunate to have had good friends sojourn there before us and leave a wonderful mooring that they had built. It was tucked back in the islands, but still just a short dinghy ride to Sam’s … the hot spot for diving, dining and hoisting a beer.  That’s Suka tucked back there.. nice.. huh!



Palau-9 (Small)

This is Sam’s…  It is world famous for its dive business. But it is also very cruiser friendly. Many a new friend was made there and many a good meal and cold beer shared.



Palau-501 (Small)

Island taxis were easily available… but we loved to walk downtown.  Here’s Doug with the always essential backpack headed for the grocery store.



Palau-26 (Small)

Exploring the islands is a number one past time and the best way to do it is by dinghy.



Palau-369 (Small)

Bananas… and a banana blossom. Both edible.



Palau-156 (Small)

Bringing snorkeling gear is a must. The waters are absolutely crystal!



Palau-300 (Small)

Just around the corner from our mooring we found this. Left over from WWII..  an abandoned cannon used to guard a pass known as the Pinchers.



Palau-304 (Small)

When exploring the jungles ashore one must keep a watch out for sea snake nests. This one has momma and a few babies.



Palau-38 (Small)

Heading back to the boat after a wonderful day’s exploring. Rain showers and rainbows are constant welcome events in Palau.




One of our favorite Sunday stops for a fabulous Sunday brunch is the Palau Pacific Resort


We spent many a champagne steeped day there with friends. We also visited there to see local dancing on the beach.


The atoll of Palau is about 30 miles north to south. That made for some wonderful trips in Suka to some wonderful dive spots. I am at the wheel (as usual) and Doug is on the bow doing reef watch.

Looks like a wahoo… but it is a mackeral. We almost ALWAYS hooked into one of these on our trips down the lagoon. Just throw out a couple trolling lines off the stern rail, hook up a couple beer cans as alarms and sit back and wait.




Palau-431 (Small)

This is an anchorage in Pelelu. Suka is at the far right. We often came down to Pelelu in caravan and shared many a dive, trek and landside potluck.



Palau-403 (Small)

Yes… we ate VERY good. Doug cooking up some of that mackeral he caught on the trip down.



Palau-157 (Small)

Here we are stern tied to our Aussie friends … getting into our dinghy for an island adventure.



Palau-405 (Small)

Doug… on the beach…  silly hat.



Palau-175 (Small)

The hermit crabs will use just ANYTHING for a house.



Palau-217 (Small)

Doug on one of the lookouts atop of Pelelu.



Palau-401 (Small)

Our trekking group. The more the merrier!!



Palau-438 (Small)

Dinner and pool after a day in the jungle.



Palau-246 (Small)

More local sightseeing before we head back to town.



Palau-459 (Small)

A good representation of what the “rock” islands look like.




Palau-456 (Small)

Jack-in-the-pulpits are quite common hanging out over the lagoon waters on steep vertical walls.



Palau-1 (Small)

Doug playing with big boy Miel.



Palau-34 (Small)




Palau-41 (Small)

Deb…. yep… life is good!!



Palau-149 (Small)

And the sunsets are to die for.



Palau-43 (Small)

Good night, Suka…




2010 Koror boat races

Back in town… can you think of a better way to watch a boat race then floating around in the gorgeous water?



2010 Koror boat races

Of course.. with a cold beer in hand.


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