March 2003 was our departure date.. and what an exciting time it was. Our first passage was from Long Beach, California where we had been living aboard SUKA in a slip for three years, all the way down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In hindsight, we would not have committed to meeting friends there, i.e. putting ourselves on a schedule. But, it was all worth it. We had a wonderful time and it was a good shake down cruise.


Leaving Long Beach in March ’03 and arriving in La Paz in June ’03



Fishing and cruising go hand in hand…   SUSHI!!



Debra prefers to leave the blood and guts to Doug.. and wait for dinner.



Tenecatica is way down on the coast of mainland Mexico. We met our friends Ray & Peggy down there and spent a lovely week exploring the local area and eating REAL Mexican food!


Deb, Peggy, Ray and Doug… shrimp tacos and cerveza!


SUKA at anchor in Tenecatica, Mexico


The 1997 movie McHale’s Navy was filmed in Barra de Navidad, which we visited while in the area. Here are some of the buildings used for the film.


Doug and I at Barra de Navidad



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