From Ocean to Land…. Suka has new owners & we are again Landlubbers

Doug and I recently became landlubbers.  Suka was sold to an Aussie couple who came to the Philippines and will be sailing Micronesia. We moved back to the States in August 2013, specifically, to my home state of Oregon. We were lucky to find a nice little acre with a nice little double wide trailer on it in Chiloquin, Oregon. We are loving have SO MUCH room and looking forward to planting a garden and playing in the wood shop.


Our first snowfall!!

IMG_4696 (Small)


2 thoughts on “From Ocean to Land…. Suka has new owners & we are again Landlubbers

  1. Hi there from Mark and Sandy XX
    Miss you both. How are you these days?
    What is the best email to send you pic’s and an update on us?
    With Love.

    1. Hey you old coot… how the hell are ya!! Great to hear from you. We are loving our new life. Our place is Doug’s new project. And he loves it. I am doing all the gardening and crafty things I didn’t have room for on the boat. And enjoying the hell out of our 3 kits. Banger is the only one we still have from the boat. Sadly lost Miel and our Palau kitty, Dingus. Miss a lot of things about cruising.. but NOT the bad weather and passages! I stop by Sandy’s Face Book page occasionally and see what she has posted. Our email is…. Would love to hear how life is down under! Hugs….

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