Before our cruising life started in ’03 Doug had three electric guitars and absolutely no time to play them. When push came to shove on what we could fit on Suka for our cruising life the electric quitars were sold off and a beautiful acoustic guitar replaced it. In Mexico Doug picked up a second acoustic guitar, a nice $400 peso ($40) beach banger that had fine sound and a better ability to withstand salt water and sand.

Doug’s acoustic guitar

 Doug is always looking for someone to jam with. Here he has Susan of Pegasus playing with him.

Doug and good friend Sue jamming.

In late 2005 we arrived in the Marshall Islands. It wasn’t until the fall of 2008 that Doug finally found a couple guys to REALLY play music with. Darren is a painter and a bass player while Ray is the large grocery store manager and a drummer. The three of them got together and formed the group Therepy. Therepy is what old guys who still love to rock ‘n roll need…. their therepy is to get together and bang out that old rock ‘n roll. They had a good six month run with a few gigs before Darren got a job at one of the other atolls and the group broke up. Right off the bat Doug decided that the acoustic guitar, though a wonderful guitar, just didn’t cut it for LOUD rock ‘n roll. When he went back to California in January of 2009 to be there for his mom’s 80th birthday he bought himself a birthday, Christmas, anniversary etc. etc present…. a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. He is in heaven again.

Doug and his Fender guitar and friend Mitch playing back-up
Fellow cruiser Matt and Doug crooning away. Doug thinks he can sing.
Doug plays a really mean harp too….
Bass player Darren and Doug facing off
Drummer Ray… a good ole southern boy
A gig at the Marshall Islands Club….
Old band, old songs, old audience…..

So goes Doug’s career in a Rock ‘n Roll band. He still pulls the Fender out and practices but until he finds a new band it is back to his beach banger.

On the beach at Enemonet

2 thoughts on “DOUG’S PASSION…… MUSIC!

  1. Hey ther you crazy cats, fantastic photos, great to see your out there living it.
    I did a 14 month stint on a 82 foot Swan from Sydney to the Caribbean and I’m back in Oz doing some more training and off to the recording studio next week to bang out a few songs.
    Good to see your living it and lovin’ it.
    It makes me homesick for the crusing life.
    Stay cool.

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