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Beautiful Suka in beautiful Tenecatica, just south of Puerto Vallarta
Beautiful Suka in beautiful Tenecatica, just south of Puerto Vallarta

Tenecatica is way down on the coast of mainland Mexico. We met our friends Ray & Peggy down there and spent a lovely week exploring the local area and eating REAL Mexican food!La Paz is the largest city on the Baja peninsula. It caters to the tourist but retains the true flavor of a Mexican city.

La Paz is the city you keep coming back to. It is a hub for tourism and a hub for cruisers. It is also the jump-off point for those going up into the Sea of Cortez and for those heading south to the mainland of Mexico. There are, last I heard, three full service marinas. The anchoring in front of the city is pretty good as long as you don’t mind doing the La Paz Waltz. The in-going and out-going tides make sure your boat doesn’t point in one direction too long.A lonely anchorage way up in the Sea of Cortez.

The Sea of Cortez is hundreds of miles long and 80 to 100 miles wide. There are lots of lonely anchorages, one of the wonderful things about cruising in the Sea. You can very often have an anchorage to yourself. The land on the Baja side is desert with huge mountains. It is absolutely breathtaking. There are very few towns and the ones you do find are small and very simple. The Mexicans who live here are very friendly and helpful. They live a similar life to a cruiser’s, very self-dependent.Sushi! Sushi!

Sushi! Sushi!

Local clams... chocolates... pronounced: Choc-O-lot-tas

Local clams… chocolates… pronounced: Choc-O-lot-tas

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster

Scallops.... the shells of these monsters are known locally as Lion's Paws.

Okay, so we seem to be fixated on food here. Can you blame us! The Sea of Cortez is definitely the Sea of Plenty. Both Doug and I were diving almost every other day supplying ourselves dinner. On top of all this bounty they have a prawn season and you could buy a kilo of frozen prawns off a local boat for $20 pesos. You have no idea how much I miss this!!!The rare photo of both Doug, me and Suka

Beautiful, tropical Zihuat. Our jumping off spot for our trip to the South Pacific.

The Zihuat 2005 Puddlejumpers.

And so ended our stay in Mexico. On to bigger adventures!

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