Still living the dream in Palau…

Well, I know it has been too long since I have updated this blog. But, we have just been busy, busy, busy!! We have been continuing on the marathon diving program and have managed to squeeze in a long trip to Peleliu. More on that later.

Palau, which is made up of the Rock Islands, is really hard to photograph well enough to convey the beauty of all the tiny islands scattered inside the fringing reef. The best way to really see it is by helicopter. Sorry I can’t accomodate you with some pics taken from the sky, the helicopter ride is just a bit out of our price range!

So, here are some sea level pics to try to show you where we are living our dream for the time being!

We are tucked back in a small hole between islands and this is our view, when not twisting in the wind. It's really private and peacefill back here!
Miel is living the dream too... tho he may not realize it. Spoiled cat!
While in town and not diving, diving, diving we have gotten out for a bit of cultural exposure. One resort here does all-you-can-eat buffets and tops them off with local dancers. Dancing here is gender specific… men and women don’t mix. It’s not really Polynesian style either. It’s more of a line dancing while singing.  More swaying arms and less gyrating hips! Here are some pics of the dancing.
Women's traditional dancing.
Men's traditional dancing.

When we get out to the other islands in the lagoon our anchorages are invariably gorgeous. Aqua marine waters, emerald green islands.

Over the bow of Suka down lagoon.

 We have been really lucky to have met our Aussie friends Ian and Christine of the SV Sabi Star. (A Sabi Star is a flower in Africa, where Ian and Christine are originally from). They love diving as much as we do. There are two things we need to watch out for diving here in Palau. One is the unpredictablity of the currents. The other is the commercial dive boats. We’ve managed to solve both problems by working out a dive system whereby we always have two people in the dinghy at all times. (The girls dive together and the boys dive together). That way we can come retrieve the diving pair in case the current sweeps them off down the dive site and we can detatch our dingy from the dive mooring making way for the commercial dive boats when they show up. The system has worked great. And I must say the commercial dive boats have been really great in letting us tie off to their boats at the dive sites.

Dive buddies Ian and Christine

Here I am diving one of Palau's outer reef walls. Messing with my camera, as usual.

Here are a few of my latest underwater discoveries.

Sea slug. Approx. 6 inches long. Which is the front and which is the back!?

Nudibranch. Less than 1 inch long. Looks like a miniature dragon, no?
Crab on a anemone.
The largest nudibranch I have found yet! At least 6" long. The yellow ribbon like mass underneath is its eggs.


The weather here in Palau has been just about perfect. Lots of sunshine and lots of rain. The rain occasionally will fill a whole day but most often comes in the shape of mildly windy squalls interspersed with all that sunshine!
Typical sunny/rainy day!
I promised you I would tell you all about our trips to Peleliu. Those trips take a special page so come on over to the Peleiu WWII page and learn a bit of history!