Yap …. into the past

Febuary 15th we finally shoved off for our next adventure… Yap. Our hopes were to make the 1200 nautical miles in twelve days and make the celebration on Yap proper called Yap Day. We left with another boat, a single hander named Mike on his sailboat, Kanaloa. We would be traveling in tandom for the next two weeks.

Well, we didn’t make Yap Day. Missed it by 4 days. But, we had a wonderful 5 days on the Yappese outer atoll of Lamotrek.

Suka, at anchor, at Lamotrek Atoll

Today is March 6th and we now are sitting in Tamil Harbor in Yap proper, having arrived yesterday. And guess what!? They broadcast the internet over the harbor and here I sit on Suka updating my blog. So, go check out the pictures and our adventures we had on Lamotrek.

BTW… the kits are doing fantastic. Finally getting their sea legs.

Banger, tucked in behind my leg to keep from rolling!