Suka has a new boom… almost

It took us a week to decide how to get our broken boom repaired. We finally settled on having Billy, a local Polynesian wood carver, carve us a new one out of Philippine mahogany. It took him about a week to complete. It is very cool to think we will be integrating a piece of  local craft into Suka’s working parts.

Here is a pic of what our broken boom looks like.


Billy the wood carver is on the left. Here he is working on our new boom.


Next step is for Doug to seal and paint it, replace the hardware and, finally, put it and the main sail back up. With that done our major repairs will be done and we can start thinking about moving on west!

As our new boom was being worked on we took an hour out of our other repairs for a short trip down the little river that runs out of the back of the harbor and through the mangroves.


The river runs about a mile through the mangroves and comes out on the west side of the island.


We also got to the ruins in Nan Madol and did some snorkling. Check out the new pages to the right!