Strange Ships Seen in Majuro

I was looking back in some of my old pics and thought this might be interesting. Since we have been here we have had some unique ships drop by. Here are three of the most unusual ones.


This modest baby just stopped by for a day or two. I think they were picking up passengers. The owner is Paul Allen, co-founder of MicroSoft. The name of the yacht is Octopus. For more info check out this site:


I think this is the Shenondoa, built in 1902. It didn’t stay long either. It was a beautiful ship … and taken care of perfectly. Of course, if I had 20 crew on board Suka she would look all spit and shine too. More information on the Shenondoa can be found at the following site:


Yes, this is a boat. It is EarthShip and stopped by in the Marshalls on it’s trip around the world. I believe it was going for the record for the fastest boat to circumnavigate. Doug went aboard and the inside is basically a shell with bunks. For more info check out this site:


More of Deb’s Walkaround Pictures

Flowers in a rum bottle


I am shooting with my new DSLR, a Canon 50d. Someday I hope to get an underwater housing and strobe lights for it so I can expand my underwater photography. At the  moment that is too much denero for my budget. In the meantime I am learning my camera and having a blast doing it.

Bluegreen water, bluegreen boat


Light at the end of the tunnel


Church..... flowers




Marshallese fireworks



Deb’s Pics

I do try to take my camera with me when I am out and about … you never know what may be worth a shot.  Here are some of my latest treasures.


I love this one. A beautiful orchard with a beautiful Suka in the background.



I was walking around on the atoll when I glanced down and saw this little coconut critter staring at me.



No matter where you go you will find the locals with find one way or another to make some happy juice!