You are now traveling with Doug, Debra and cats Miel and Banger aboard our 41 foot ketch, Suka. Hope you don’t get seasick!

Doug and I left California in March of 2003. Doug had slaved for a homebuilder and I for the County of Orange for the previous 14 years. That toil bought us a beautiful Laguna Niguel condo nestled on a hillside and overlooking a large part of Orange County. In 1999 we cashed in the condo and bought our 41 foot CT-41 ketch rigged sailboat. The following 3 1/2  years were spent at Shoreline Marina in Long Beach aboard our new home, Suka. Still working full time our weekends were now jammed full of getting the old girl up to snuff for world cruising as well as getting us educated enough to pretend like we knew what we were doing. When March ’03 finally rolled around we left California’s shores, pointed Suka’s nose south and headed for golden Mexico.


7 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Howdy,
    Nice web site. Great to catch up on what you guys are up to. Nice photos! Send us an e-mail.
    Sandy and Barney

  2. Hey Doug and Deb, great work and love your BLOGs.
    I look forward to tracking your journey and let me know if/when you find yourself on the shores of Oz (Australia).

    Cheers and Hugs

  3. Hi Deb and Doug, Happy to here you have scraped off the barnacles and are on the move again! We miss the sailing life and Navi-Gator lots, so will be most interested in your adventures as you head west.

    Smooth Sailing and lots of hugs.

    Joe and Kaye

  4. wow, look at you livin the life that suits you best and you look so comfortable and happy living it, really nice pictures you’ve taken

    it has taken years to find you, now i’m tired so this means you have to write back

    live in ormond beach, fl, married 34 years this oct, daughter 30 lawyer lives in west palm beach, alana 12 mths, son 28 currently living in fairbanks, ak, iraq veteran, jacob 3.5, lucas 15 mths

    retired at 55 and life is good. dennis t. stopped in jan before last for a few days, it was really cool

    ok, tag your it

  5. where are you? do you have any plans to be in phuket, thailand or lankawi, malaysia in the near future? ’cause if you are we need a full set of new canvas and we want YOU to make it. cheers, nick

  6. Hi so you are still in bonbonon, my wife is from Butuan we hope to retire in durmigete in the next 2-3 years. find good sail boat, refit it top to bottom learn more sailing around the PI then head out to the deep blue for ? time . i like your web site we are both divers and i have a nikonos 5 hope to get a digital uw camera.. drop me a line you have my email address thanks Bill and Marra

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